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You are unique
....and so is your estate
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Create a customized plan...
one that grows with you.
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...A plan that also protects your nest egg
for you and future generations...
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So you can enjoy your present...
and future.
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As an attorney and a Certified Financial Planner, I firmly believe that a well executed estate or asset protection plan is deeply rooted in a careful planning process. I apply a thoughtful approach to all of my clients regardless of the amount of their net worth, annual income, or station in life.
The crucial foundation of a proper plan begins with communication where it is my practice to do most of the listening. This not only encompass the fact-gathering of family information, assets, and liabilities, it includes a thorough understanding of your current and long-term goals and beliefs about the value of money. It is also essential that you understand the estate planning process and the documents involved; therefore, I spend as much time with you as required to ensure that you understand how each document will address your current and long-term goals.

After I fully understand your situation, I will develop and recommend a plan that is individually customized. At this point, it is very important to collaborate with your team of advisors if we have not done so already. As a former Wealth Management Specialist, I know that I alone cannot meet all of your financial planning needs. Instead, it is important that I coordinate with your financial consultant, banker and/or CPA, if any, to ensure that my recommendations are commensurate with any other thoughtful planning or strategies that you have employed. You can also include a trusted friend or family member during any part of the process that you feel is appropriate.

We will execute your plan once you and any of your advisors understand and approve it. At this point, the major component of our initial relationship is complete. However, I prefer a long-term relationship with my clients. I will strive to provide you with pertinent information regarding changes in law or policy shifts that may impact your situation. I also recommend that you contact me when a major life change occurs, including, but not limited to, a death, divorce, upcoming marriage, change of fiduciaries, change of beneficiaries, substantial change of net worth, acquisition of properties, change of advisors, or change of philosophy. In any event, I recommend that we meet every three to five years to review your present situation and to ensure that your planning is appropriate. These periodic meetings are optimized when all advisors are brought together again.